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October 7, 2012

After you get your FREE Kindle copy of Waiting for Karl Rove, be sure and pick up the sequel dropping at end of October.

Hey, you!  Yeah, we’re talking to all you feeble-minded cadgers, down-and-outers, guttersnipes, freeloaders, paupers, vagrants,  laggards, slugs, lollygaggers, sloths, homeless, wastrels,  entitlement seekers, moochers, slackers and all around non-personal responsibility takers.  You know who you are.  And so does Mitt Romney.

We have to assume that in those brief moments you shake off your apathy, you’ve wanted to read Waiting for Karl Rove.  But unfortunately for you, food stamps cannot be used to purchase great literature.

For a few days you HAD a  chance to get Waiting for Karl Rove  free on your Kindle.  (Sure, don’t feed your kids or pay your taxes, but make damn sure you have a Kindle.)  But it looks like you blew that.  That free offer is OVER! From now on, you’re  going to be out $2.99.  Hell, you tip more than that for your coffee at Starbucks!

After you read it, take some of those tax dollars you don’t pay and buy the sequel: Kat and Jeni’s Terrible, Horrible,  No Good, Very Bad Day, Kindle version now available on Amazon.

And Karl Rove?  Remember that dinner party where that guy told you about our book?  Remember how you said you’d check it out?  I bet you took advantage of of our free offer,  you cheap bastard!

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