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The Predecessor Formerly Known as George W. Bush

May 16, 2012

Really, soon-to-be-GOP-Presidential-nominee-Mitt Romney?  You’re having a difficult time remembering the name of the former President you probably voted for twice?  Really?

In a recent speech you referred to George W. Bush as Barack Obama’s predecessor five times.  Damn, that was funnier to watch than Herman Cain reciting songs from the Pokemon movie or Rick Santorum jerking off into a sweater vest.  (Oh, yeah, there’s video of that.)

Mitt, I think you missed the luxury yacht on how to handle the former President who endorsed you right before the elevator doors slid shut.  Get in front of your next crowd of lukewarm supporters, turn that mic all the way up, and proudly proclaim, “I voted for George W. Bush twice…and so did you!  To deny it would make us all chickenshits!”

Then do one of those homey things you do so well.

I suggest the Chicken Dance.

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