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Attack Karl Rove Ad

April 22, 2012

This smirk’s for you, America. Dumbasses!

Karl Rove is the pit bull of the GOP – if pit bulls happened to look like overstuffed hairless chihuahuas. He never runs for office, preferring to be a King maker, so there are never any attack ads against him for his lies and country-destroying ways – just liberal blogs posted seconds before the blogger kills him or herself by overdosing on organic coconut milk.

But now everyone who has wanted to see Karl Rove go down (Ewwww! Not like that! Don’t be gross!) can sit back and revel in Jeni Decker’s video. I’m totally taking credit for sending her the Insane Clown Posse video…unless they sue us, in which case I’ve never heard of her.

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  1. April 26, 2012 12:30 am

    I like what Ann Coulter said about Elizabeth Warren. She’s the new sex symbol for the Democratic Party, just like Janet Reno was.

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