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Occupy Wall Street

October 16, 2011


These days I’m feeling extremely proud to be an American.  The 99% who have been screwed over and over again are finally standing up and speaking out.  I’d love nothing better than get in the white trash Toyota featured in Waiting for Karl Rove, drive to New York and hang out with my co-author, Jeni Decker.  Unfortunately, three weeks ago a man ran a red light, t-boned my car and it’s now residing in a junk yard.  It makes me sad, but at least it was immortalized in the book.  I got almost nothing from the insurance company, so I’m walking forever unless book sales pick up.  But in these hard economic times, I can’t blame people for choosing to eat over buying the book.

I’d even love to take a leave of absence from my job and walk from Texas to New York to join the Occupy Wall Street protesters.  Think of the possibilities for an observational satirist!  The problem with that idea is there are too many dangers on the road – getting hit by a car, falling down a cliff, running out of Slim Jims, being added to a serial killer’s collection.

So for now, I will keep watching the rest of the 99% from afar and hope they realize how many of us who can’t be there are on their side.

Please take a moment to watch Jeni’s Occupy Wall Street video.

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